Tino Sanandaji – Sweden is Bleeding

Sweden is bleeding. The peaceful society many of us grew up with is not only gone, it is being forgotten and erased with historical revisionism. More and more people believe that Sweden, where many did not lock the door and few parents were afraid that children would be robbed on the way home, is just a nostalgic idyll that never existed.

Today’s headlines around the country:
• 16-year-old boy murdered in Eskilstuna – shot to death
• Man shot to death in Nyköping
• man killed on Årstabron. On Thursday evening, the police cordoned off an area at Liljeholmskajen due to the murder.
• Märsta: Man found dead in apartment building – suspected murder
• Suspected shooting in Hässelby beach
• Young man stabbed during robbery
• Several cars in flames tonight
• Student suspended after aggravated assault at school
• Malmö: 16-year-old linked to bomb after gang rape
• Large stone was thrown through windows at the preschool
• A 15-year-old student was stabbed by unknown young people – in the middle of school
Is the safe Sweden then gone forever? I think the damage can still be repaired, in the long run. However, it requires a thorough settlement with the 68-left politically correct religion. A root cause of the failure is that Sweden’s criminal policy today is based on ideological doctrines that are as unscientific as Marxists’ on the economy, and partly precisely post-Marxist ideas.
A first step to restore Sweden is not to accept the lie that it has always been like this, and refuse to get used to it. This is abnormal and unacceptable, no matter how monotonously depressing the headlines of violence become.

Tino Sanandaji

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