Criminal Mafia Gangs Have Infiltrated Swedish Public Employment Service

People with links to organized crime have infiltrated the Swedish Public Employment Service to be able to use the welfare system. This is stated by the authority for Swedish Radio.

Organized crime is exploited by the Swedish Public Employment Service in several ways, says the authority’s unit manager Eva-Lena Edberg for Swedish Radio. Among other things, this concerns compensation for companies that employ people with reduced working capacity.

According to the Swedish Public Employment Service, several employees have been identified within the business who have acted as infiltrators for criminal networks that commit crimes against the welfare system. The people have been hired according to normal recruitment processes.

– People who apply to the authority, who learn the authority and our regulations and who are on the inside, says Eva-Lena Edberg to Swedish Radio.

The Swedish Public Employment Service will not state how extensive the problem is and how many suspected cases it is about. According to the authority, the criminal arrangements have become more organized and advanced.

Source: SVT

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